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For over 16 years
taking care of your oral health

Clínica Dentibus was founded in 2005 by Dr. Susana Figueira. Since then, we have grown a lot, but we have maintained the same dedication and professionalism from day one.

We are located close to you, in the center of Setúbal, and we have a multidisciplinary team, focused on improving your oral health and self-esteem!

In our clinic you will find the personalized service you deserve and you can count on the friendliness and availability of the entire team.

Trust Dentibus to take care of you

dental specialties


Veneers, esthetic restorations or tooth whitening so you can smile with confidence!


In addition to conventional orthodontics, we also perform invisible orthodontics (Invisalign® System).


Also known as “devitalization”, it aims to heal the tissues around and inside the tooth.


Speciality dedicated to the rehabilitation of missing teeth through the placement of titanium implants.

Pediatric dentistry

It is important that the first experience is comfortable and fearless so that children develop oral hygiene habits.

Oral Surgery

It includes all surgical procedures such as tooth extractions and other interventions on adjacent tissues.


Medical specialty that focuses on the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease (gingival hemorrhage and tooth mobility).

Oral Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation as removable (acrylic and skeletal) or fixed (ceramic crowns) prostheses.

Conscious Sedation

Non-invasive and safe technique that reduces fear, anxiety and the vomiting reflex. Can be used in children and adults.

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